An untouched virgin island habitat surrounded by spectacular fringing reefs that can be enjoyed by snorkelling right off the beach. Embrace a secluded wilderness with a private beach, gentle, lapping waves and superb coral gardens as your playground to relax and explore.

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— hidden tropical paradise —

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Rising from the northernmost cluster of peaks of the World Heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef’s ‘Great Palm’ archipelago just off the coast of Townsville, Pelorus Island is 400 hectares of pristine wilderness and superb fringing reefs, all accessible at your leisure by helicopter or private yacht.


— by helicopter or yacht —

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Access Pelorus Island via air or sea via private luxury charters customised to your wishes. Our reservations team will work with you to charter your private transfers, ensuring you arrive in style either via a thrilling 30-90 minute private helicopter charter departing from your choice of Townsville Domestic Airport or Cairns Domestic and International Airport, or a scenic 4.5 hour private yacht charter from the mainland via Townsville.


— grant & kate —

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Pelorus Island is the northernmost island of the ‘Great Palm’ group. Located 800 metres north of Orpheus Island, it covers an area of about 400 hectares.

The traditional inhabitants and custodians of these islands were the Manbarra tribe, who belong to the Nyawigi Aboriginal People, and knew the island as Yanooa and Guyroogarrie in one or more Aboriginal languages.

The island’s European name came from HMS Pelorus, flagship on the Australia Station 1860-62. The only lease on the island was most recently acquired by the Morris family in 2017, who are humbled to embrace their responsibility as caretakers of this fragile eco-wilderness.


— an abundant natural habitat —

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Pelorus Island’s virgin ecosystem is home to a variety of native birds, reptiles, small mammals and sea life.

On land you will experience the call of osprey, the croak of green treefrogs and the nocturnal scurry of long-nosed bandicoots. Curious lace monitors share the habitat and can be seen soaking the sun’s warmth on the deck in the afternoon. Tiny geckos share our residence and keep our suites naturally free of small insects. Shy, non-venomous green tree snakes inhabit the trees surrounding the residence but will rarely be seen.

The reef surrounding the island is teaming with turtles, reef fish and even the occasional migrating humpback whale pod. Pelorus Island is a proud member of the Hinchinbrook Shire Council, and as an abundant natural habitat is protected by both state and federal environmental laws.